Choosing Who to Date


Taking a Break from Relationships

The unsuccessful dater often continues to pursue relationships without finding and fixing their problems. They do this because they want to be in a relationship for physical intimacy. While this is a fairly standard way to get physical relief, it does not lead either partner toward satisfaction. Both parties may be frustrated when their success at physical intimacy does not lead to a successful relationship.

When relationships continue to be unsuccessful, it might be best to find a fuck buddy. They are interested only in the physically intimate part of a relationship. They do not want or plan to ever have any other type of relationship. Fuck buddies are generally very strict in this regard. What is best about them is the relief they provide. This may give the frustrated dater the room they need to solve their relationship issues.

Finding a partner for casual sex is not always easy. It takes being brave enough to inquire if someone is seeking only a physical relationship. They must be compatible in their agreement that they do not want any other type of relationship with each other. There are now online sites that help people find others that seek the same type of physical relationships.