Choosing Who to Date


A Projecting Personality

When two people meet, first impressions are often something they carry with them for years. One person might be having a difficult day, and their lack of a smile will give the other person an erroneous impression that they are not very friendly. It could take a while before the other person sees them differently, and they might have to meet in an entirely different location before that first impression can be changed. Once that occurs, asking them out for a date could be the adventure of a lifetime when they eventually form a relationship.

Many people have bad days, and getting through them can turn even the most optimistic person sour. Their morning might have been filled with difficult customers, or their work project might have dissolved into pieces. By the time lunch rolls around, they are ready to go home and crawl into bed. Unless they are the type of person who can keep all emotions encapsulated, their feelings will show on their face or in their body language.

A projecting personality is considered a good thing when a person is happy and upbeat, but it can be a negative when their life is not going well. The person who just wants to go home and start the day over is often perceived as someone with a bad attitude, but it is not necessarily true. If they are in the company of someone they have never met before, their bad day could keep getting worse when they are rejected for a date. It might even keep the other person from associating with them at all because their negative emotions push other people away.

Getting a date in the first place can be difficult, yet it seems unfair to judge a person based on a bad morning. They might not normally project their negative emotions to the world, so it could pay the person looking for a date to give them another chance.